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Site Map

Site Map

  • Home

    Forget your shovel and wheelbarrow and get your landscaping job done faster with Dingo hire from Perth’s Rent a Dingo. There’s no backbreaking work required, whether you’re preparing for new turf, installing a pool or laying brick paving, you can rely on Rent a Dingo for labour-saving cost-effective hire of dingo diggers across the Perth metro area.

  • Mini Diggers

    Mini digger hire from Perth based Rent a Dingo is an effective and cost efficient way to save time and money on your next landscaping or building project.

  • Accessories

    Rent a Dingo’s extensive range of Dingo attachments gives the ability to transform mini diggers to suit a wide range of tasks. From digging footings, trenches and boring holes to shifting fence posts, grinding stumps, breaking rocks and levelling, there are Dingo attachments available to make almost any task faster and more efficient.

  • Packages

    Have all the equipment you need to complete your landscaping project with mini digger hire packages from Midland based Rent a Dingo. We’ve put together some great value packages designed for the most popular landscaping, paving and lawn projects. You’ll save time and money with these combinations of mini digger hire and Dingo attachments, with free delivery and pick up across Perth. If you can’t find the combination you need, we can tailor make a package for your requirements.

  • Other Equipment

    Rent a Dingo has a range of hire equipment available to make landscaping, paving and other projects easier. Don’t buy tools and saws you’ll only use once and then leave to rust away in your shed. Hiring reliable equipment will save you money and ensure you’ve got access to the right tools for the job.

  • Contact Us

    Contact – RENT A DINGO

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