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Mini Diggers

Hire a Dingo Mini Digger in Perth

Mini Digger Hire Perth 

Models Available

Dingo Digger

Hire Australia’s favourite mini digger the K9-3 with a safe working load of 250kg and the power and versatility to take on most earthmoving and landscaping jobs. For sandy areas consider the K9-3 Trax , a dedicated non marking track machine, efficient in boggy conditions. Other mini digger machines for hire include the Boxer 320 and Toro 323.


Avoid double handling and efficiently remove soil, rubble and other materials from tight spaces with the Dingo Dumpa. A perfect companion with your mini digger or excavator hire, the Dumpa fits through a standard doorway, and can load directly into a skip bin or small tipper truck.

Smaller Tipper Trucks

Cart you own soils or save on skip bin rentals with a small tipper truck. Part of our complete landscape package, it can also be hired with a dingo and optional trailer.

Mini Excavator Hire

Hire a Yanmar mini excavator for ease of access to narrow places. The stable design makes for safe operation while tracks ensure minimal ground disturbance. This is a solid performer even in bog-heavy soils.

Arrange Mini Digger Hire and Delivery

Dingo Model K9-3 

Dingo Model K9-3

Dingo Model K9-3Get a Quote

  • Rubber tyres (soft ride)
  • 23hp petrol engine
  • Safe working load 250kg (mwl 500kg)
  • 4 wheel motors
  • Overall width 1050mm
  • Overall length 1565mm
  • Dump height with 4in1 bucket 1750mm

The new K9-3 has superceded the world leading Dingo 950. The 950 revolutionised the Mini Digger industry with more power and versatility than ever seen before.

It quickly became Australia’s favourite mini digger and the first machine of its type to enter many overseas markets.

Those tried, tested and impressive specifications of the Dingo 950 remain the same for the Dingo K9-3, but with some new improvements.



Pump Sizes:


Hydraulic Pressure:

Hydraulic Pump Output:

Max Travel Speed:

Rate Lift Capacity:


Wheel Motors:

2 pumps

Petrol = 9 & 3cc

Pro Series = 11 & 3cc

206 Bar (3000psi)

43 l/min

7.4 Km/hr

SWL: 250kg


2×29 cu in

Engine – Kohler Petrol


16.9 kW (23hp)

Engine – Perkins Diesel


15 kW (20hp)

Dimensional Specifications

A. Overall Width:

B. Overall Length:

C. Overall Height:

D. Maximum Operating Height with 4 in 1 Bucket:

E. Turning Radius with 4 in 1 Bkt:

F. Angle of Departure:

G. Wheel Base:

H. Ground Clearance:

I. Dump Height with Std Bkt:

J. Reach Fully Raised Std Bkt:

K. Dump Height with 4 in 1 Bkt:

L. Reach Fully Raised 4 in 1:

M. Height to Hinge Pin:

N. Machine width with 4 in 1 Bkt:

Tyre Size:

Hydraulic Reserve Capacity:


Machine Mass:


Security Immobiliser:















18 x 8.5 x 8 (6 Ply) std


10 Micron

Kohler = 653kg

Perkins = 742kg



Engine Warranty:

Product Warranty:

3 years

3 years / 1,000 hours

Dingo Model K9-3 Trax 

Dingo Model K9-3 Trax

Dingo Model K9-3 TraxGet a Quote

  • Dedicated track machine
  • Non marking tracks
  • Excellent in boggy sand (never get bogged again)
  • Easy soft touch operator controls
  • Overall width 1100mm
  • Overall length 1565mm
  • Safe working load 250kg (mwl 500kg)

Digger Boxer 320 

Boxer 320 Digger

Boxer 320 DiggerGet a Quote

  • 880mm Wide
  • Go anywhere
  • Fantastic in bogey sand
  • Big power and lifting Strength
  • Very easy to use


Wheel Base

Wheel/Track Option

Track Widening Undercarriage

Ground Clearance

Length (w/Bucket)

Length (w/out Bucket)

Wheel Base

Width (Fully Retracted)

Width (Fully Extended)

Overall Height

Overall Operating Height (Fully Raised)

Hinge Pin Height (Fully Raised)

Dump Height

Dump Angle


Tip Capacity

Operating Capacity, 35% of tip load.

Operating Capacity, 50% of tip load.

Weight (w/out Bucket)

Ground Pressure

Ground Speed (Max)


32 in

7 in


5 in

93 in

7 in

68 in


34.5 in

49 in

92 in

70 in

54 in

34 Degrees

28 in

1250 lbs

438 lbs

625 lbs

1740 lbs

3.2 psi

3.4 mph


813 mm

178 mm


127 mm

2362 mm

178 mm

1727 mm


876 mm

1245 mm

2337 mm

1778 mm

1372 mm

34 Degrees

711 mm

567 kg

199 kg

283 kg

789 kg

22.1 kPa

5.5 kph

Toro 323 Track Machine 

Toro 323 Track Machine

Toro 323 Track MachineGet a Quote

  • 1120mm wide
  • Go anywhere
  • Great for those sandy jobs
  • 4 x wheels motors
  • Lays 1 metre block with ease



Cooling System


Ground Clearance

Ground Speed


High Flow Pump

Hinge Pin Height

Hydraulic Reservoir Cap.

Hydraulic System Pressure


Loader Hydraulic System

Low Flow Pump

Operating Capacity

Steering Controls

Tip Capacity



Key, throttle, choke

Air cooled

23 HP (17.2 kw) Kohler® Command PRO™

5″ (13cm) front & rear

0-3mph (0 – 4.8 kph) forward/reverse

48.7″ (123.7cm)

10.8 gpm (40.9 lpm)

66″ (167.6cm) std. bucket

14.8 gallons (56 L)

3000 psi (206.7 bar)

62″ (157.5cm); 82.8″ (210.3 cm) w/ bucket

2 control levers- push/pull

4 gpm (15.1 lpm)

515 lb. (233.6 kg) w/ 200 lb (90.7 kg) operator

Zero turn type w/ 2 controls

1030lb. (467.2 kg) w/ 200lb (90.7 kg) operator

Product – One Year* / Engine – Two Year*

40.5″ (109.9cm) std tires


Dingo Dumpa

Dingo DumpaGet a Quote

The New Dingo Dumpa is the perfect companion for the Dingo when it comes to shifting loose material.

The Dumpa will not only take the material away (around 5 Dingo buckets at a time) but can also load the material directly into the skip or small tipper truck. This unique ability to shift and load saves double handling material when loading the truck.

The Dumpa is narrow enough to fit through a standard doorway, making it great for site cleanups, inside buildings, and getting into back yards.

When dumping loose material onto the ground the front edge of the bucket can be used to roughly level out the material when the bucket is in the forward tilt position.

There are 2 models of Dumpa – 13.5hp for normal use and a 20hp model which has an overdrive “box” for faster grounds speed (needed for longer travel distances).

Both models can have an auxiliary hydraulics circuit installed if required for the running of hand tools (eg. hand operated hydraulic jack hammers, demo saws, etc).



Hydraulic Pumps:

Pump Sizes:

Hydraulic Relief Pressure:

Hydraulic Pump Output:

Travel Speed:

Capacity Struck:

Capacity Heaped:

Safe Working Load:

Hydraulic Reservoir:

Machine Mass:

Wheel Motors:

Auxiliary Outlets:


20 hp


9 cc

3400 psi

32 l/m

0-6 km/h

0.48 cu m

0.53 cu m

600 kg

40 L

920 kg

4 x 29 cu in

1 (Optional)

* Warranty Conditions Apply

Used For: Shifting and loading soil, rubble, rubbish, site cleanup etc.

Used By: Contractors, hire companies, builders, landscapers, demolishers, pool installers and anyone needing to shift material in tight spaces.

Tipper Package 

Smaller Tipper Trucks

Mini Tipper Truck (Mitsubishi)Get a Quote

  • Drive on car license
  • Automatic t/gate release
  • Towbar
  • Hire with dingo & trailer (option)
  • Complete landscapers package
  • Save on bin hires
  • Cart your own soils

Yanmar Vio 17 Mini Excavator 

Mini Excavator Hire

Yanmar Vio 17 Mini ExcavatorGet a Quote

  • Rubber tracks
  • Min width 950mm (tracks in)
  • Max width 1280mm (tracks out)
  • Dig depth 2200mm
  • Max height 2350mm
  • 2 way pattern change
  • Operating weight 1740kg

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