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Mini Digger Ranges
Other Hire Equipments
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Landscape Package
Pool Package
Bulk Package
1 x Mini Tipper
1 x Dingo

This package allows you to remove soil and replace soil. If you have somewhere to dump your soil, this option is cheaper than hiring a bin.
1 x Mini Excavator
1 x Dumpa

This combination allows you to dig a pool or pond and transports the sand to the front of the property.
1 x Dingo
1 x Dumpa

When large amount of sand need to be moved, the Dumpa holds four dingo buckets.
Brick Paving Package
Hobby Farm Package
Lawn Removal Package
1 x Dingo
1 x Compactor
1 x Bricksaw

This package is for those weekend brick paving jobs.
1 x Dingo
1 x Trencher
1 x Post Hole Borer
1 x Trailer

This package is for clean-ups, fencing, retic, cable laying, great for those small property, get everything done in one weekend.
1 x Dingo
1 x Levellall
1 x Turfcutter

This package is for the removal of lawn. Use the turf cutter to cut the lawn, then use the dingo to lift the lawn and place into the bin. Fool proof way of getting rid of that lawn.
New Lawn Prep Package
1 x Dingo
1 x Levellall
1 x Rotary Hold

Use the dingo to bring in good soil, use rotary hold attachment to mix the soil in the level off with Levellall attachment.
If you can't find a package you need, just ring and we will make a package to suit your needs.